Outerlaw is a recreation of the classic Atari 2600 game: Outlaw. In the original game you battle it out with other cowboys by bouncing bullets around obsticles to hit them.  Outerlaw has a similar concept except in space! You can select multiple characters which all have their own unique weapons to defeat your for.  The game is built in Unity and can be played with one or two players.

Our goal ith the game was to keep the unique feel of the original game, but bring it in to the 21st century. The original game had a mechanic where you needed to wait until your bullet impacted before you could start moving again. We thought this restriction did more harm than good. To keep the feel of the original game we did make it so you could not walk while aiming. If we were to remove this it would not feel like the original game. 

The game has 3 playable characters with male and femail versions of each, allowing two players choose the same character without confusion. The characters are the alien: whose bullets are about average speed and size. He shoots lasers from his eyes!

The robot has tiny fast lasers that shoots from his main eye. These bullets are the easiest to get around corners fast and suprise your enemy, but their hitbox is small and it requires pinpoint accuracy in order to hit your enemy!

Finally the Astronaut. He has slower moving large hitbox bullets. Contrary to the robot his bullets may have some more trouble getting around corners without the second player noticing, however their larger hitbox makes them much harder to avoid. 

The game has four stages you can choose from: space, planet, satellite, and the asteroid. Each stage has its own decor and obstacle to avoid! The obstacles are destructible, so don’t count on them for cover forever!


Tim Parsons: Programmer

Ian Valle: Programmer

Ross Hartman: Artist

Tevin Brown: Artist


Outerlaw.zip 33 MB